Welding Goggles

Welding Goggles are an important piece of available PPE, protecting your eyes when welding from sparks and debris also protecting your eyes from ultraviolet and infrared light produced from arc welding, you must take extra care as welding goggles offer no protection for your face and head.

Welding goggles and other types of welding and eye protection are available in various ranges and styles, eye protection is important, we encourage users to ensure you are using and following correct safety guidelines and using EN certified safety protection compliant with EN166, EN169 and EN175. All goggles used in welding applications will have the EN certification printed onto the goggles, guaranteeing the quality of eye protection.

When using welding goggles, you can wear other available safety protection like a safety helmet, ear defenders, welding helmets and face shields, plus wear reading glasses or prescription glasses underneath the goggles. We offer our ranges of welding goggles with either direct or indirect ventilation protection to suit various daily welding applications.

Various welding safety lens options are provided by the goggles as are the styles available from flip-up lens, mono-goggle and panoramic lens. Welding goggle lenses are important to your view of the welding job plus offer shade protection when welding.

Welding shade means the level of darkness provided by the welding lens. The higher the shade number, the darker the lens shade, darker increases the level of eye protection. An example is shade 5, this protects your eyes when cutting with a welding torch and grinding metals but not for welding when you should use shade 8 to 13 welding lenses.

With a wide range of styles and brands available, we offer various coatings from anti-mist, anti-fog ensuring the clarity of your vision. Welding goggles that are styled like glasses still providing necessary eye protection and safety plus standard styles with adjustable headbands. The fames of the goggle are made with hard wearing material like (PC) polycarbonate and PVC.

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Beskrivning Pris Protection Type Lens Size Flip Up Adjustable Band Frame Material Anti-Mist Coating Series
RS-artikelnummer 790-2833
VarumärkeRS PRO
261,48 kr
Indirect - - Yes - Yes -
RS-artikelnummer 236-2505
Tillv. art.nr9301145
173,40 kr
Eye 169 x 74 x 47mm No Yes PVC Yes uvex ultravision
RS-artikelnummer 772-2791
Tillv. art.nr2895S
254,66 kr
Direct - - Yes PC Yes -
RS-artikelnummer 236-2503
Tillv. art.nr9169545
295,72 kr
Eye 154 x 56 x 50mm No Yes - Yes uvex super fit
RS-artikelnummer 712-129
Tillv. art.nr55108
277,15 kr
Direct - Yes - - - -