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    Eyewear Accessories

    Eyewear accessories form an integral part of personal protective equipment as they can enhance the features of PPE workwear or equipment. Eyewear accessories include a wide range of devices or items like lens cleaning kits, spectacle cord attachments and storage pouches, and more.

    What are the benefits of eyewear accessories?

    Spectacle cord attachments - these types of accessories are handy for hanging your glasses around your neck and avoids them getting lost or accidentally dropped, especially when working over machinery or moving parts

    Lens cleaning kits - Lens cleaning kits usually consist of lens cleaning wipes and a cleaning solution in one convenient kit that can be hung or located in certain areas of the workplace for easy and convenient lens cleaning. This type of kit can be used to clean protective eyewear like safety goggles and safety glasses, as well as protective visors. They can also be used on normal eyewear such as sunglasses or prescription glasses and are ideal for consistent lens protection from dirt, dust and debris and reducing glare, especially while in the workplace. Lens cleaning wipes or cloths and cleaner can also be purchased separately.

    Protective cases and pouches - Ideal for storage of sunglasses, glasses, goggles or any other optical equipment. Glasses cases ensure the lenses remain scratch-free and undamaged for the best visibility, especially if there is a protective coating on them.

    There are many more eyewear accessories that can be purchased, however, the above-mentioned items are generally the most common to enhance the safety of protective eyewear.

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