Stud Covers

Stud covers are protective covers that push fit into weld studs or insert studs to provide insulation between a PCB (printed circuit board) and the chassis. Stud covers are typically made of non-conductive materials such as nylon, which is corrosion free, lightweight and offers good insulation.

How do stud covers work?

Stud covers often have a quick and easy lock and release mechanism, and come in different sizes and dimensions to fit various PCB hole diameters and thicknesses. Fitting a stud cover involves simply pushing the cover onto a stud and turning it to lock it into place.

In addition to providing protection, stud covers also give the final product a neat and finished look. They are designed to conceal the insert or weld screw while providing a clean appearance.

What are stud covers used for?

You will find stud covers in electronic circuits, typical PCB applications and electronic devices. They can also be used in high-voltage assemblies.

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Beskrivning Pris Body Height Body Diameter For Use With Insert Size Material PCB Hole Diameter
RS-artikelnummer 303-5295
Tillv. art.nrSFCBS-M4-12M-01
175,92 kr
1 Bag of 100
12mm 9.5mm M4 Nylon 4mm
RS-artikelnummer 303-5289
Tillv. art.nrSFCBS-M4-10M-01
170,54 kr
1 Bag of 100
10mm 9.5mm M4 Nylon 4mm
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