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    Electromagnetic Brakes

    Electromagnetic brakes, also referred to as electro-mechanical brakes or EM brakes, are found in a wide range of industrial applications that utilise a high speed and cycle rate including vehicles and machinery. Electromagnetic brakes are commonly made up of a series of components including a friction disc, field coil, armature and hub which can be attached to a shaft. These electrically charged magnetic brakes are available in a variety of sizes and types such as Power on and Spring Applied.

    Types of Electromagnetic Brake

    • Power On – Electromagnetic power on brakes utilise an electric actuation to operate, with torque being produced mechanically. Once voltage or current is applied to the coil it becomes an electromagnet, allowing it to create a magnetic field and apply mechanical resistance (friction). Torque can also be adjusted via the current or voltage.
    • Spring Applied – These types of brakes utilise a spring, or multiple springs to create a frictional clamping force when current or voltage is lost or absent. This is achieved via springs that push against a pressure plate, which in turn squeezes the friction disk between the inner pressure plate and outer cover plate.

    Where are Electromagnetic Brakes used?

    Brakes with an Electromagnetic interface are often used in conjunction with a clutch and are found in a wide range of machines and industrial equipment including:

    • Conveyor drives
    • Printers
    • Escalators
    • Food packaging machinery
    • Cranes
    • Rail road and parking gates
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