Torch Chargers

Torch chargers are available in a range of forms to suit any number of application needs. Whether you need to charge on the go, or just make sure your torch is ready for whatever comes, there is a charger to suit. Including mains powered, USB, in-car and even portable battery packs, there are solutions to any charging problem.

What type of charger do I need?

When buying a torch charger, you must ensure it is compatible with the battery in your torch. Many batteries are Li-Ion but always check as their type and voltage can vary. Some flashlights with LED bulbs may use a lower voltage solution and an be USB charged allowing them to be powered by a small and portable battery pack for more remote situations such as when camping or working in a space with no mains power.

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Beskrivning Pris For Use With Voltage Rating Dimensions Charger Type Hazardous Area Certification Plug Type Standards Met
RS-artikelnummer 597-346
Tillv. art.nrC-251HV
VarumärkeWolf Safety
2 161,51 kr
Wolflite Rechargeable Handlamp 120/230 V 110 x 190 x 125 mm Wall Mounted ATEX - -
RS-artikelnummer 380-7961
Tillv. art.nrC-251HVE
VarumärkeWolf Safety
1 916,02 kr
H-251ALED - 190 x 125 x 110 mm - - Type C - Europlug CE
RS-artikelnummer 865-5620
Tillv. art.nr0012 Europe
VarumärkeLed Lenser
131,18 kr
H14R.2, H7R.2, SE07R - - Charger Adaptor Clip - Europe - Type C - Europlug -
RS-artikelnummer 123-4804
Tillv. art.nrCDX4700-323
1 987,80 kr
EXIS - - - - - -
RS-artikelnummer 122-3116
Tillv. art.nrDC-USB-KIT
237,25 kr
- 12 → 24 V - - - - -