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    Pick Up Tools

    Pick-up tools are used to collect objects that are out of reach or in inaccessible areas. Most have a magnetic end to pick up magnetic materials, while others have clawed ends to pick up non-magnetic pieces. Most pick-up tools have a strong neodymium magnet on the end, which attracts ferromagnetic materials. When aimed at the intended object, the magnet will attract it to the pick-up tool. The object can then be pulled into reach. Larger pick-up tools can also be used to collect several objects at a time. This can be useful if you need to pick up a lot of screws or nails off the ground to prevent injury or damage.

    What different types are there?

    Telescopic - extendable by telescopic sections. It has a magnet end to pick up magnetic materials. Bendable pick up tools - the bendable pick-up tool is usually a set length but is flexible to be bent into different positions. Clawed pick up tools - the clawed pick-up tool has a clawed end with a spring handle mechanism to open and close the claw, allowing it to pick up non-magnetic materials. Hinge-joint pick up tools – hinge-joint pick-up tool has a telescopic shaft with a double ball hinge joint connecting the magnet. This allows the magnet to be rotated 360°. Large pick up tools - the large pick-up tool is used to pick up numerous small items at a time from the floor.

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