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    Plasterboard & Cavity Wall Fixings

    Plasterboard cavity anchors are fastening components used to fix objects to cavity walls and ceilings specifically made of plasteboard.

    What are plasterboard cavity anchors used for?

    Plasterboard cavity anchors are used to safely secure objects to plasterboard surfaces and ceilings, or similarly onto chipboard and hardboard cavities. Anchors made of metal are used for heavy-duty fixings such as radiators, shelving and handrail brackets. For light-duty fixings like paintings, noticeboards and light fittings, anchors made of nylon or plastic are suitable.

    Types of plasterboard cavity anchors

    There is a wide range of plasterboard cavity fixings and anchors available in a selection of both sizes and materials to suit both the aesthetic and strength requirements.

    • Hollow wall anchors are either open-eyed or closed-eyed and can be removed after the anchor is fixed. The anchor legs are collapsible, which strengthens the holding capacity of the anchor.
    • Wall plugs are used for light-duty fixing and can be drilled or hammered into plasterboards with either soft or hard partitions.
    • Spring toggles have clamps or wings and use spring motions to attach objects securely behind the wall material.
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