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What are lubricants?

Lubricants are used between two or more moving surfaces as a way to reduce friction. They have the quality that is most easily described as being slippery. Lubricants can be used in many different applications, environments and are used as protection against wear and tear. For example, in a bearing machine, the Lubricant will provide a load-bearing protective film that separates the heat sources and which means that the bearings do not overheat and get damaged.

What are Greases?

Greases are lubricants that are typically used in areas where frequent lubrication would be difficult and where oils would tend to run off of the surfaces that need to be lubricated. They generally consist of vegetable or mineral oil, combined with soap. When greases are initially placed on a surface, they are in a semi-solid state. As they heat up, however, they become more viscous, providing lubrication for the parts.

What are Oils?

Oils are viscous liquids and do not mix with water, but do mix with other oils. They provide a great deal of lubrication and can be used in a variety of different roles however they are extremely flammable. The oils that are used as lubricants can be derived from animal sources, vegetable sources and from petroleum, with motor being one of the most common examples of that type of oil. One of the most common functions of oil is protection against rust and corrosion. This is predominately used for equipment in outdoor environments.

Types of Greases, Oils and Lubricants

Lubricants can be separated as liquid or non-liquid, however, there are subtypes that are important to know. Petroleum-based lubricants are the most common subtype and are categorised by the oil used in them. This includes plant, animal or vegetable. Another factor that defines the petroleum type is the viscosity or their compositions and which set of standards are being used. These are commonly used in Foodstuffs. An alternative to petroleum is lanolin which is derived from sheep wool. Other types include, solid, natural and metals.

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Beskrivning Pris Package Type Trade Name Grease Type Package Size Product Form Minimum Operating Temperature Food Processing Safe Maximum Operating Temperature NGLI Grade Colour Viscosity
RS-artikelnummer 556-446
VarumärkeRS PRO
183,43 kr
1 Pack of 5
Tube - Hydrocarbon 50 ml Grease -10°C No +150°C - Beige -
RS-artikelnummer 666-4900
Tillv. art.nrYNX-100G
1 943,09 kr
Tube KLÜBERTEMP GR YNX Perfluoropolyether 100 g Paste -40°C No +220°C 1/2 Grey 250cSt
RS-artikelnummer 732-4757
Tillv. art.nrTKGT 1
5 994,82 kr
Case TKGT 1 - - Grease - No - - Black -
RS-artikelnummer 494-124
VarumärkeRS PRO
93,27 kr
Tube - Silicone 100 g Grease -50°C No +200°C - Clear -
RS-artikelnummer 188-9703
Tillv. art.nrOT20N
1 982,29 kr
Tube Klubertemp GR OT 20 N - 100 g Paste -50°C - +70°C 2 White 17mm²/s
RS-artikelnummer 174-182
Tillv. art.nr30566
43,74 kr
Tube MULTI GREASE Lithium 100 ml Grease -30°C - +130°C 2 Amber 155mm²/s
RS-artikelnummer 187-3460
VarumärkeRS PRO
82,67 kr
Tube - Silicone 300 ml Liquid - - - - Translucent 108000mPa/s
RS-artikelnummer 733-5044
Tillv. art.nr12446
4 653,00 kr
Tub Sapphire Advance 2 Lithium 18 kg Paste -30°C No +160°C 2 Brown 15 (100°C) cSt, 145 (40°C) cSt
RS-artikelnummer 330-6171
Tillv. art.nr12211
444,10 kr
Cartridge Sapphire Extreme Semi Synthetic 400 g Paste -25°C No +250°C 2 Black-Blue 20 (100°C) cSt, 200 (40°C) cSt
RS-artikelnummer 733-4997
Tillv. art.nr12441
139,07 kr
Cartridge Sapphire Advance 2 Lithium 380 g Paste -30°C No +160°C 2 Brown 15 (100°C) cSt, 145 (40°C) cSt
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