LED Driver Accessories

LED driver accessories are additional products used in conjunction with LED drivers (power regulators) during the installation and operation of LED lighting fixtures.

Examples of LED driver accessories include dimmers, repeaters, power supplies, bridges, resistors, splitters and clamps to name but a few.

What are LED driver accessories used for?

LED driver accessories are used to assist with continuous power regulation (current flow) from the LED driver to the LED strings (multiple lights on an insulated wire).

They are also used in conjunction with LED drivers in residential and office lighting applications.

Types of LED driver accessories

  • Dimmer components or DMX controllers regulate dim levels, colours and show intensities.
  • Bridging products translate analogue dimmer signals to DMX compatible control signals.
  • Faceplate panels are the covers that fit over the LED driver component. These plates can be mounted to walls and ceilings.
  • Driver boxes are the enclosures surrounding the drivers and used to shield the LED drivers against mechanical and environmental hazards.
  • Repeaters are used to control multiple LED strips in conjunction with the LED controllers.

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Tillv. art.nrRELI-DA01/R
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Dali to Analogue Interface RECOM AC/DC LED Drivers RELI-DA01/R
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Tillv. art.nrRELV4-16
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Power Supply DALI-certified products and controller -
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