Type A USB Connectors

Type A USB connectors are a style of electrical connector that have a flat, rectangular-shaped connection into which a type A USB plug fits. They're commonly found on computers, hubs or any device intended to have another device plugged into it.

How does a type A USB connector work?

Type A USB connectors can be connected to PCBs (printed circuit boards) or cables using the terminals on the connectors. They can also be used in conjunction with or to replace panel mount connectors in, for example, audio panel interfaces or computer systems.

Different types of type A USB connectors

You can choose from a range of mounting options, including panel, surface, through-hole and cable mounts. There are designs with waterproof housing (for example made from rugged thermoplastic) for added protection and durability – these are suitable for harsh environments, where protection from water and dust is essential. You could also simply choose to have the chassis plugs and sockets for printed circuit boards.

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