DIN Rail Terminal Component Boxes

DIN rail terminal component boxes are enclosures used for housing electronic, electrical and electromechanical devices, including current transducers, timers, relays, PCBs (printed circuit boards), sensing and monitoring devices, and more.

The boxes provide protection and ready-to-wire terminals in a single device and are typically easy to assemble and install. For performance and safety reasons, these enclosures are made to meet national and international standards.

What are DIN rail terminal component boxes used for?

DIN rail terminal component boxes are frequently used for instrumentation, and well as measurement and control applications. Theyre often mounted on standard DIN rails and can be made of plastic or metal.

Types of DIN rail terminal component boxes

DIN rail terminal component boxes come in a wide range of designs and sizes, numerous cover styles, with varying terminal-to-board connection options. Many also come with panel mounts.

There are a large number of options for DIN rail terminal component boxes. Some are made with vents while others are without, for example. Most types are made from maintenance-free materials that can operate in high temperature environments.

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