SHV Connectors

SHV(Safe High Voltage) connectors are types of RF (Radio Frequency) connectors designed to terminate a coaxial cable. They use a bayonet-locking mechanism, similar to MHV (Miniature High Voltage)and BNC (Bayonet Neill–Concelman)connectors and are often attached with a metal nut or some other coupling.

SHV connectors are easily recognisable due to their protruding insulator design. This makes them safer then MHV connectors, especially when handling high voltages.

How do SHV connectors work?

SHV connectors have extra insulation for handling high-voltage connections. The centre contacts are recessed to prevent accidental contact with the live conductor in unmated conditions.

What are SHV Connectors used for?

You will find SHV connectors in conventional coaxial cables used for cable television hook-ups. They may also come with sturdy features such as metal mounts for wall or panel mounting. Connectors may come with an open-wire lead on one end or double-end terminal.

SHV connectors are particularly useful for testing and measuring devices as well as for nuclear devices.

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Beskrivning Pris Gender Body Orientation Termination Method Mounting Type Body Plating Cable Type Impedance Bulkhead Mating Type Operating Frequency Contact Plating Contact Material
RS-artikelnummer 212-7444
Tillv. art.nrR317580000
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Female Straight - Panel Mount - - 50Ω - - 0 → 2GHz Gold Beryllium Copper
RS-artikelnummer 212-7438
Tillv. art.nrR317072000
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Male Straight Crimp Cable Mount Nickel KX15, RG141, RG58 50Ω - Bayonet 2GHz Gold Brass