DC Power Sockets

The DC Power Socket is typically embedded in small to medium electronic appliances, and is designed accept direct current from a DC plug connected to a mains supply. There are various types of DC Connector, with the most common being referred to as a Barrel Connector or Tip Connector. DC Power Sockets feature a pin that inserts securely into the corresponding plugs insulated cylindrical tip. This design ensures a safe and secure connection, with a smooth disconnect and connect action.ApplicationsThough USB powered devices are more and more common, DC power sockets are still found in many electronic appliances. They are typically used to power and charge certain portable computers, electronic instruments and sound systems.

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Beskrivning Pris Pin Diameter Mounting Type Voltage Rating Current Rating Body Orientation IP Rating Length Width Contact Plating Contact Material Series
RS-artikelnummer 667-7287
Tillv. art.nrKPJX-PM-4S
65,32 kr
- Panel Mount 20 V dc 7.5A Right Angle - 25.2mm 14.2mm Tin Brass KPJX
RS-artikelnummer 667-7283
Tillv. art.nrKPJX-4S
63,72 kr
- - 20 V dc 7.5A Right Angle - 17mm 15mm Tin Brass KPJX