PCB Headers

PCB headers are a type of electrical connector. Typically, one side of the header is comprised of a series of pins that are soldered to the printed circuit board (PCB) surface.

Why use PCB headers?

PCB header enable the user to make multiple electrical connections to a PCB using one connection block or cable.

Types of PCB headers

PCB headers are made in both socketed (where the connections are housed in a plastic case) and non-socketed pin header types. Socketed connectors are more robust and less likely to cause short circuits, but do take up more space on the PCB. Pin headers, by contrast, are easier to work with and suit a wider range of applications.

Single- or double-row pin headers

The most commonly used types of PCB headers are single- or double-row pin headers. These are produced in matching male and female versions, and are made from folded sheet metal with a square cross-section.

Machine-pin headers

Machine-pin headers have a circular cross-section, which fits more precisely into round PCB holes, providing a better electrical connection, greater durability and an increased lifespan.

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9276 - 2.5mm 8 1 Straight - - - Wire to Board Surface Mount - - Solder
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7200 - 2mm 133 5, 7 Straight - - - - Through Hole - - Press Fit