DIN Connectors

A DIN Connector is an electrical connector that is identified by its DIN standard. DIN was created by the German national standards organisation and stands for Deutsches Institut fur Normung.
DIN Connectors are round with pins arranged in a circular pattern within the connector. It is widely used for PC keyboards, MIDI instruments and other specialised equipment. Another type is a mini-DIN connector which is smaller in size except the pins are arranged horizontally. These are used for S-video connections, PS2 mouse and keyboards.
Types of DIN Connectors
5-pin DIN Connectors have 5 pins that are arranged in a circular pattern and are commonly used for older computer keyboards.
S-Video connectors have 4 pins arranged in 2 rows and a keying block so that it cannot be inserted incorrectly.
PS/2 connectors have 6 pins and a keying block. This connector has become an industry standard for connecting mice and keyboards although was first used on PS2 consoles.
8-pin mini DIN Connectors have 3 pins at the top and bottom and 2 in the middle. They are commonly used on portable video devices and projectors.
Environmentally sealed connectors have been designed for cable to cable, cable to board and cable to device applications. They are primarily used in harsh environments.

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