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    EV Charging Connectors

    EV Charging connectors are a crucial component in the charging of Electric Vehicles (EVs). They serve as a link between the charging point and the electric vehicle, allowing for the transfer of electrical energy from the charging point to the vehicle's battery.

    There are various ways in which to charge your EV with home, public and workspace charging points widely available. However, in order to do this, you will need to ensure you use the right charging connector. There are a few different types of EV connectors available each with unique specifications to cater to different charging needs. The type of EV connector you choose depends on your region and the type of charging you which to achieve.

    What are the different types of EV Charging Connectors?

    EV connectors are broken down into AC connectors for slow/fast charging and DC connectors for rapid charging.

    AC (alternating current) EV connectors

    Type 1

    Also known as an SAE J1772 or J plug. This is a single-phase connector and is the common EV connector used in North America and Japan.

    Type 2

    Also known as an IEC 62196 or Mennekes. This is a 3-phase connector and is the official plug standard used in Europe.


    China has its own charging system and uses the GB/T connector. There are two versions, one for AC charging and one for DC charging. The GB/T AC connector is a single-phase connector. It looks the same as the GB/T DC connector however the pins and receptacles are reversed.

    DC (direct current) EV connectors


    A combined Charging System commonly called a CCS or Combo connector is a fast charging plug that supports both AC and DC charging. These connectors are a combination of Type 1 or Type 2 AC connectors with an additional 2 power contacts for DC fast charging. CCS Type 1 is used in North America and Japan and CCS Type 2 is used in Europe.


    CHAdeMO was developed in Japan and is a common connector in this region. It is also a type of EV connector that offers rapid DC charging at public charging points with EVs that have CHAdeMO compatibility.

    And finally, the Tesla EV Connector

    The Tesla EV uses the same connector for level 1, level 2, and DC fast charging. It is a unique connector that works with all voltages, so there is no need for a different connector for DC fast charging as the other standards will require. Tesla EVs are the only vehicles that can use their DC fast chargers. These Tesla charging stations are called Superchargers. They are installed, owned, and maintained by them and are for the exclusive use of Tesla owners.

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