Cable Accessories, Ties & Tools

We have a wide selection of cable management products that includes cable ties, cable glands, heat-shrink, cable markers and cable clips. Choose from industry-leading brands such as HellermannTyton, Thomas & Betts, and TE Connectivity, or our own brand RS Pro for quality alternatives at affordable prices.

What are cable accessories?

They're products that have been designed specifically to be used alongside cables and wires to support their performance. There are products available to connect, protect, secure, identify or just tidy cables.

What are cable tools?

Cable tools are used to carry out and assist with the installation, maintenance and repair of cable, wires and cable accessories. Products include cable tie tools, cable strippers, crimping tools and cutters.

What are cable accessories and tools used for?

Here are some of the most common uses of cable accessories and tools:

  • Terminating power cables
  • Cable identification in panel building
  • Bundling and securing cables
  • Building automotive wiring harnesses
  • Stripping wires in electrical installations

What is the importance of cable management?

Using the right products to organise and protect cables can improve performance and extend life span, as well as reducing maintenance time and repair costs. A key benefit of bundling and organising cables correctly is the improvement to health and safety in work environments.

What are the key considerations when selecting an accessory?

There are many features to consider when selecting the type of product you need to ensure optimum performance. The most important factors to consider are the application it will be used in, and what elements it will need to withstand. Here are some examples:

  • Temperature range – what are the maximum and minimum temperatures it will be exposed to?
  • Fire resistance – is a specific fire performance rating needed?
  • Indoor or outdoor – does require UV stabilisation for use outdoors or to withstand damp conditions underground?
  • Specialist environment – does it need ATEX approval?
  • Exposure to damage – can it withstand heavy duty applications?
  • Compatibility – is it suitable for the product it is being used with?
  • Installation – can it be installed retrospectively or need any equipment?

What industries can cable tie tools and accessories be used in?

Here are some common industries and environments cable accessories and tools can be used in:
  • Marine & offshore
  • Military & defence
  • Automotive
  • Electrical wiring
  • Maintenance
  • Pharmaceutical & medical
  • Domestic
  • Food and beverage
  • Manufacturing
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