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    Sprag Clutch Bearings

    A sprag clutch bearing is a one way freewheel clutch that turns in a single direction. This type of bearing is usually supplied already filled with grease meaning it can be used straight away and requires little maintenance or additional grease before use

    Freewheel bearings are characterised by their ability to only turn in one direction which means they can transmit torque from shaft to housing in one direction and allow free rotation in the other. Sprag type designs typically have a higher torque capacity than a similar sized ramp and roller type clutch.

    RS have a range of sprag clutch bearings in different diameters to meet various bearing solution applications. Our sprag clutch bearings features keyways on both inner and outer races for increased torque and inner race only.

    How does a sprag clutch bearing work?

    The sprags are placed in a certain angled way which allows rotation in only one direction and will lock when force is applied in the opposite direction.

    Typical Applications

    • Sprag clutches are suited for automotive industries such as transition systems to change gears smoothly
    • Conveyer drives
    • Hoist load brake in the event of mechanical failure
    • Fan drives
    • Pumps
    • Printing machines
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