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    Cam Followers

    Cam followers, also referred to as cam rollers, cam follower bearings and track followers are a type of specialist roller bearing used in a wide range of mechanical cam and roller track applications. Cam followers are extremely important parts because without one a cam would not work properly as cams must make contact with followers in order to transfer rotary motion into linear motion.

    RS have a great range of ball and roller bearings, track rollers and bearing units including cam followers which are available in a variety of types to suit different applications, offering high radial and axial support in order to keep production lines running smoothly.

    What is a cam?

    A cam is a part found in a machine that can convert rotary motion (around an axis) to linear motion which is motion in a straight line. Cams are found in various areas from household appliances such as dishwashers and washing machines to more industrial applications such as automation and material handling. A cam needs to make contact with a cam follower for the rotary motion to be transformed into linear motion.

    Types of Cam Followers

    Cam followers and bearings are available in a range of types with different characteristics, to assist in transforming rotary motion into linear motion. The two most common types available are:

    Stud - Stud type cam followers feature a cylindrical design and threaded pin, allowing them to be installed to the required machine quickly and efficiently. Stud cam followers are available with a wide range of thread sizes.

    Yoke - Yoke cam rollers are ideal for use with applications that have a heavier load and feature a hole allowing them to be shaft mounted. Yoke cam rollers are best suited with applications that require minimal deflection.

    Other types of cam followers include:

    • Concentric
    • Eccentric
    • Heavy duty hex
    • Heavy duty slot

    Typical Applications for Cam Followers

    Roller bearings like cam followers can be found in various applications and the type of cam follower you should use solely depends on your specific application. Some cam followers may need either ball or needle rollers depending on the job at hand. Cam followers can be used in various areas including:

    • Automation
    • Wastewater treatment
    • Metal processing
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