Time Switch Accessories

Time switch accessories are groups of products used together with timer switches that control the on and off settings of an electrical switch. Examples are antennas, conduit boxes, data keys, drive motors, memory cards and sockets.

What are time switch accessories used for?

Time switch accessories are used to connect the timer to the electrical circuit from the mains electricity (AC) via a power cable in, for instance, homes, offices and factories.

In the automotive industry, the accessories are applied to the battery-operated equipment within a vehicle.

Time switch accessories can also be used to install timers into a wall outlet, for example in central heating control panels, TVs a, radions and sleep timer products.


ypes of time switch accessories

Time switch accessories are categorised as follows:

  • Electromechanical accessories that are used in rotating gear motors, for example within automation processes in factories.
  • Electronic accessories used in applications with no moving parts where semiconductors are responsible for the timing circuitry of the switches, for example home security systems.
  • Countdown accessories that are in devices that have to power on or off at specific time intervals like air conditioning systems or street lights.

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Beskrivning Pris Accessory Type For Use With
RS-artikelnummer 133-264
Tillv. art.nr907 0 409
VarumärkeTheben / Timeguard
885,41 kr
PC Set Termina Top 2
RS-artikelnummer 335-176
Tillv. art.nr374.135
VarumärkeTheben / Timeguard
1,059 kr
Each (In a Pack of 25)
Tappet Pin TS2 Series, TS3 Series
RS-artikelnummer 133-355
Tillv. art.nr907 0 064
VarumärkeTheben / Timeguard
56,97 kr
Cover Plate Termina Top 2
RS-artikelnummer 133-327
Tillv. art.nr907 0 404
VarumärkeTheben / Timeguard
282,70 kr
Memory Card Termina Top 2
RS-artikelnummer 226-1285
Tillv. art.nrPB05
VarumärkeTheben / Timeguard
229,03 kr
PCB EMU11/17, MEU11/17
RS-artikelnummer 226-1279
Tillv. art.nrEMU17
VarumärkeTheben / Timeguard
304,41 kr
Enclosure PanelMaster Series