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    Robot Grippers

    A robot gripper is a device that enables industrial robots to pick up and hold objects. They are the tools you need to make your automated robot arm system customizable to your industry. If your workplace solution requires robotic manipulators and adaptive grippers for automated tasks, selecting the correct gripper is essential. From two-fingered grippers to suction cups, the correct end-of-arm robotic gripper is needed to interact with your products or workpieces.

    RS provides a wide range of robot grippers designed for use with a variety of robot arms, with a selection of achievable gripping forces to suit your application. Whether you require robotics solutions for automated high-speed pick-and-place, or collaborative robots for precision welding and glueing, there is a robot gripper and end effector to suit.

    Parallel Grippers

    These grippers work by 'pinching' two fingers together in a parallel action and are ideal for high precision tasks.

    Suction Cup Gripper

    These grippers work by using suction ports to attach to flat surfaces. They often use a feedback circuit to sense when the gripper has met with a surface. They are well suited for industrial robots in automated pick-and-place tasks.

    Robot gripper Types

    Robot grippers come in various actuation types including Electric, Pneumatic and Vacuum.

    Electric Robot grippers – This type of gripper design does not have the same level of gripping power as a hydraulic pneumatic, suction or vacuum gripper. Electric grippers are best suited to applications pick-and-place light picking force and speed is required.

    Pneumatic grippers -  This type of gripper design uses compressed air and a series of pistons to operate the jaws or fingers.

    Vacuum grippers – This type of gripper design uses atmospheric pressure and vacuum to move and lift objects. Vacuum grippers are very powerful and are ideal for heavy larger objects.

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