Double Sided Paper Tapes

Double sided paper tapes are made with a paper-based carrier material. These tapes have a layer of acrylic adhesive on both sides of the substrate material, and are used to bond materials together, especially where temporary sticking is required.

The tape can be applied by hand or with an applicator, and comes in varying thicknesses with different adhesion capabilities.

What are double-sided paper tapes used for?

The primary uses of double sided paper tapes are temporary bonding and marking during colour separation and painting activities. These tapes are used in the automobile industry as well as in furniture making, appliance manufacturing, powder coating and sandblasting.

Types of double-sided paper tapes

The main types of double sided paper types include:

  • Protective tapes with latex adhesives used in screen printing, masking and printed graphics as pre-mask features.
  • Corrugated tapes with hot melt adhesive, which reinforce corrugated and carton packaging materials.
  • Masking tapes are used in high temperature and high performance industries, as well as in DIY projects, due to their sealing, holding and surface protection attributes.

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