Pipe Sealing Cord

What is Pipe Sealing Cord? Pipe sealing cord is a sealant designed for locking and sealing plastic and metal pipes with thread sizes of up to 4" NPT (National Pipe Thread). The cord is wound from the dispenser on to the threads of the pipe. The fittings are then screwed on and an instant seal is produced. Pipe sealing cord allows small adjustments in the thread to be made before use and is a more effective alternative to paste and hemp combinations.Benefits No cure time, produces an instant, full pressure seal Quick and easy to use Complies with relevant standards Ergonomic dispenser with built-in cutting tool Allows small readjustments of up to 45° to be made before useApplicationPipe sealing cord can be used in both domestic and industrial pipe systems. Applications include pipes and fittings for hot or cold drinking or waste water, gas, compressed air and industrial oils. Pipe sealing cord is often used by plumbers and gas engineers

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Beskrivning Pris Application Chemical Composition Colour Length Maximum Operating Temperature Minimum Operating Temperature Odour Operating Temperature Range Package Type Specific Gravity
RS-artikelnummer 123-8198
Tillv. art.nrLoctite 55
188,81 kr
Drums, In-Plant Utilities, LPG Lines, Natural Line, Oil Lines, Pneumatics, Pumps, Steam Systems, Tanks, Water Lines Polyamide White 150m +130°C -55°C Characteristic -55 → +130 °C Container 1.25