Conductive Adhesives

Conductive adhesives are a type of liquid that can be applied to create a thin and flexible layer of highly electrical conductive material to an area or device.

How do they work?

The liquid itself will contain different conductive adhesives such as iron, copper, gold etc and will disperse these equally in the form of a polymer resin. The resin can be applied to several different areas of use and will help make repairs for instance.

Different types of containers:
•Brush – A simple brush will be attached to the underneath of the lid or completely removable. The brush can then be used to apply smooth amounts of the adhesive to any surface area making it practical on all kinds of surfaces

•Syringe – A Syringe may come with your adhesive and can be used for tight to reach places. If you need to inject amounts into corners or holes, a syringe is perfect for this type of job.

Features and benefits:
•Thin film means only a small amount has to be used, making it very cost effective

•Dries at room temperature

•Adhesion to several different types of materials

•Great electrical conduction

•Low surface resistance

•Grey or silver colouring

•Different bottle sizes available for different scale jobs

•Easy to store

•Lightweight and small

•Low odour

•Quick drying times

•Liquid and solids available

Where might I use some?
•Electroplating pre coats

•Contact surfaces

•Potentiometer tracks

•Earthing Strips

•Circuit boards

•Used instead of soldering in some cases

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Beskrivning Pris Product Type Package Type Package Size Cure Time Applicator Type Maximum Operating Temperature Minimum Operating Temperature Operating Temperature Range Physical Form Special Features Conductive Element
RS-artikelnummer 220-9928
Tillv. art.nr9703 - 33X25
2 079,98 kr
Transfer Tape Roll 25mm x 33m - - +85°C -40°C -40 → +85 °C - - Silver
RS-artikelnummer 143-7554
Tillv. art.nr29359
175,30 kr
Paint Bottle 2 ml - - - - - - - Silver
RS-artikelnummer 496-243
Tillv. art.nrCW2200MTP
769,81 kr
Paint Pen 7 g 20 → 30 (25 °C) min - - - - - - Silver
RS-artikelnummer 321-7295
Tillv. art.nrCW2200STP
725,97 kr
Paint Pen 8.5 g 20 → 30 (25 °C) min - - - - Liquid Quick Drying Silver
RS-artikelnummer 192-2020
Tillv. art.nrCW2205
365,76 kr
Paint Bottle 5 g 3 → 5 min Brush +205°C - - Liquid - Silver
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