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    Pallet Trucks

    A pallet truck, also known as a hand pallet truck or a pump truck is a wheeled trolley specifically designed for lifting, manoeuvring and transportation of wooden pallets. Pallet trucks are generally used in factories, warehouses, stockrooms and industrial storage units. The trucks enable the safe handling of heavy loads. 

    How does a hand pallet truck work?

    Using a manual lift operation, pallet trucks work by sliding the forks into the open area underneath the pallet, the user will then use the pump action with the handle to lift the load on to the pallet.

    Pallet truck safety features

    Of course, health and safety is always the number one activity to be considered, especially when handling heavy loads and equipment. Across our range, a number of safety features are built-in, including:Reinforced pallet entry rollers - These small wheels will work towards a smooth entry into the pallet and stop any forced pushing or pulling movement.Spring guard - The spring guard will stop any damage to the user or others around. Users will be unable to put their fingers near the spring if used incorrectly. Also, in the unlikely event the mechanism fails, the spring will not fire out, as it will be caught by the guard.

    Use of the pallet truck handle

    Each pallet truck comes with a large ergonomic handle, with a smaller level handle built-in. The smaller handle works with 3 positions. The positions may vary depending on the model however, the operations are usually lift, lower and drive. In the drive position, the pallet truck can be moved around large and narrow spaces with the use of the large and smaller wheels. The lower function of the trolley will gently drop the pallet of goods down to the destination it has arrived. And the lift function does exactly what it says, as soon as the forks have entered the pallet, the lift position is applied, and the truck can be pumped to elevate the pallet to the desired height.

    Benefits of a pallet truck

    Pallet trucks are more cost-effective than a forklift.With correct handling, pallet trucks can lift and manoeuvre heavy loads on pallets with ease.High-quality rubber wheels are suitable for various floor surfaces.Epoxy coated finish on forks.Increased safety with spring guard on the pallet truck.Can lift 2.5-tonne load capacity.

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